Ephesians 1:11-12   11 In him [YOU] were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12 in order that [YOU], who were the first to hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory.



God is SOVEREIGN and has a plan – for you.  You can do nothing to change this plan – He is God.  The truth and good news is that God loves you more than you love yourself; so much, in fact, that His mind was on you as he suffered on the cross.  He died for you.  You are the center of God’s universe.  He has a plan and design for you.  He put you where you are.  He just needs you to put your hope in Him and live for the praise of His glory.  It’s that simple.

So it would follow that many Christians declare that they are “starting” a “kingdom business”.  Or, they announce that they have “been called”.




Aren’t you already in kingdom business?  Aren’t you already called?

Remember, God has a plan.  IF you are a Christian, THEN everything you do is “KINGDOM”.  Everything.  When you go to work, you ARE in kingdom business.  When you take your kids to school, serve in the PTA, or lead a book club, you are in kingdom business.  When you take a business trip or go on vacation, you are in kingdom business.  When you coach the team, go fishing, or even take out the trash, you are in kingdom business.  You ARE called.

The beauty of your life in Christ is that He lives in and through YOU.  IF you are a Christian, THEN you cannot separate yourself from HIM – or His plan for YOU.

The problem is that we have to live in a difficult world.  Our daily company, community, and personal lives are simply a series of crises and challenges, however great or small, all linked together.  You need a road-map to deal with this confusion and to help you make decisions that are aligned with His plan.  This requires prayer and the truth of scripture.  However, understanding how to activate these ancient truths, for many, can be an even greater challenge – especially in our daily lives.

When you are “stuck” and experiencing crisis, opportunity, and challenge, you need a resource to help you think through what needs to be done.  This is critical to success in living out God’s plan – right where you are.  Remember, as Christians, we are always called to kingdom business – leaders, employees, kids, teachers, neighbors, customers, clients, communities, members, shareholders, families, friends…

ServantSpeakTM  combines the best of corporate strategy, leadership philosophy, personal improvement, and ancient Biblical truth to create a platform for discussion, thinking, decision-making, and action to help Christian leaders, to live out their faith – whether leading a family, church, government, corporation, board-of-directors, small business, team, club, neighborhood group, etc.

The simple and purposeful practice of Christianity, in all that you do, will align you with God’s plan for you, and most importantly, give you a life that is for the praise of His glory – Right where you are.

You ARE chosen.

You ARE called.

Walk the walk.

Real Christianity Works.